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IQ DOCTOR is a box-tool for maintaining mobiles, which you can trust and depend on to search Pin-Out of your mobile phone (USB Port & COM Port). 


Main Function: 

 1.   Scanning mobile.

 2.   Reading out information of mobile, things like: CPU types, Flash ID, Size of Memory etc.

 3.   Reading out Flash Information: Automatically Create a Flash File (The Suffix is “.bin”), when the Flash Information is read out from the mobile.

 4.   Writing in Flash Information: Write the Flash Information into the mobile by reading from the Flash File.

 5.   Format Flash of Mobile: Can format the Flash by different ways, and also can make a backup file before format.

 6.   Restore Format: Can restore Flash Information as before format.

 7.   Unlock Mobile: Can unlock the most kinds of Chinese mobile’s PIN code.

 8.   Read Password: Read out the password from the mobile.

 9.   Repair Secret Area: Can repair secret set of the mobile.

 10. Repair Bad Software: Can repair bad part of information of the Flash in mobile.

 11. Change IMEI: Can change IMEI code of the mobile by two models: AT & META.

 12. Touch Screen: Can ignore touch screen identity, and enter into the main interface directly, when the touch screen identity is no work.

 13. Find Password: Can show the Flash password from the Flash File reading out.

 14. Phonebook: Can show the phone book catalog from the Flash File reading out. 


CPU types: 

MTK (Media Tek): 6205, 6217, 6218, 6219, 6223, 6225, 6226, 6227, 6228, 6229, 6230, 6235B_S01, 6253…
SPD (Spreadtrum): 6600D, 6600M3E, 6600M3E-265G, 6600D-180, 6600D, 6600R1-275, SC6600D5, 6600H, 6600,6600L2…
And others: Texas Instruments,Spreadtrum,Mtk, Skyworks, Analog Devices, Silicon, Infineon, Philps, Anyka etc.

Flash types:








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